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Hannibal, MO - current/forecast

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    Do not put off till tomorrow what can be put off till day-after-tomorrow just as well.
-- Mark Twain
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Flood of 1993
City's long-awaited flood protection system finally in place: (2/10/93)
River to crest at 19.8 feet (3/9/93)
Flood of 73 got started 20 years ago today page (3/24/93)
Hark: River's rise no cause for alarm (3/24/93)
River rising; nears 19 feet (4/6/93)
Watch and wait: River rises; flood gates ready (4/8/93)
Hannibal has an abundant history of damaging floods (4/8/93)
City employees get their first practice installing floodgates (4/12/93)
Flood watch: 20.77 feet page (4/14/93)
River rises a foot; flood gates on Broadway may be installed (4/16/93)
Flood deaths, preparations (4/20/93)
River rising again Storms forecast; city officials urge caution (4/20/93)
High water causing problems at M.T. Lake (4/21/93)
Flood reaches highest point (4/28/93)
River rises again (5/25/93)
River level at 23.38 (5/25/93)
City prepared for river rise (7/6/93)
National Guard called to LaGrange; West Quincy evacuated (7/6/93)
After More Than Two Days of Stacking Sandbags, Town Ordered Evacuated (7/15/93)
Clarksville digging in for the worst (7/15/93)
Utility service plan for power loss (7/15/93)
Elsberry levee topped (7/15/93)
Hannibal awaits record crest(7/15/93)
Marina ripped away (7/15/93)
Flood hurting tourist businesses (7/15/93)
Hundreds of volunteers needed (7/15/93)
Levee breaks (7/15/93)
Canton winning battle with river (7/26/93)
Hannibal, Quincy split by flood (7/26/93)
Authorities to investigate levee break (7/26/93)
River crests at 31.3 feet (7/26/93)
Aftermath of W. Quincy break (7/26/93)
River falls to 30.6 feet (7/26/93)
Keokuk bridge may open tonight (7/26/93)
The river: Mood after the break at Sny (7/26/93)
West Quincy floods, burns (7/26/93)
Mobile home park may be permanent (7/27/93)
Flood wrap - July 31 (7/31/93)
Media focus on flood (8/2/93)
Overview of the flood (8/2/93)
$2 million awarded in housing in state (8/2/93)
The Courier-Post's daily flood log (8/2/93)
MLM flood column (8/2/93)
More roads and bridges open (8/10/93)
The 1993 flood (8/31/93)
Bridge to reopen by 6 a.m. Wednesday (9/26/93)
Bridge still open, road work continuing (9/29/93)
River level drops to near flood stage (9/29/93)

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Lovers Leap
No one knows for sure how many places in Missouri are known as Lovers Leap; Mark Twain once wrote that there were at least 50 such high bluffs up and down the Mississippi River. Continue.

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